Salmon with rocket and peach

A dear friend of mine shares with me her recipe, with this description.
From the kitchen of Angelica: “The recipe is really simple, it is hardly a recipe … to tell the truth. You take a big bunch of fresh arugula, preferably not one already washed and wrapped, as it is not scented. For a basket of arugula keep a beautiful white ripe peach. It is cut into thin slices, that you spray with lemon juice to prevent them from becoming dark. Then you take 120/150g of salmon, cut into strips the size of the peach slices: and here you can decide whether to place them on a bed of rocket that you will place in a tray, or make a composition: I like to arrange them for example making salmon rolls with peach in it and some rocket, and “tie” the roll with a leaf of arugula. No cheese, which I love, but that is too often used as a condiment in recipes to give strength and actually covers the flavors.”
I try to share it with you adding to it a little technical flare.


250g arugula (rocket)
1 white peach
150g salmon fillet (smoked if you like the taste)
lemon juice


Take the rocket, wash it and dry.
Slice the peach in thin slices. Spray lemon juice on them to prevent oxidation. Slice the salmon fillet the same size of the peach ones.
Roll the salmon around a peach slice and some rocket.
I actually tested it spraying some more lemon juice on the rolls I displayed on a tray, a little little salt on the arugula which seems exalting the taste of the sweet peach and of the acrid rocket and some sour cream to keep together the ingredients. Make according your taste.
Found here

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